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  • Copper-infused water has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties mainly helps in balancing the PH level of water.
  • Advance Copper + Mineralizing Filters use the revolutionary Ceramics, 99.99% Copper balls & Activated Carbon Technology.
  • Advanced Mineral Guard Technology: The advanced mineral guard technology helps to retain all essential natural minerals such as Calcium & Magnesium which provides perfect blend of safe and healthy water.
  • UV Disinfection : Ultraviolet radiation disinfects the water from water borne disease causing bacteria, virus and protozoa, making it safe to drink without the need of handling potential dangerous chemicals. UV does not change the taste or odour of the water and consumes less power.
  • Includes – RO Purifier, Pre Filter, Installation accessories, user manual. Felxible installation: The purifier can be easily wall mounted or kept on the counter top for Installation – You need to pay Upto Rs. 500/- to the technician.
  • With multi-stage purification technology including RO+UV+UF+TDS you can be rest assured that the water is 100% safe to drink for you and your family.
  • Fully automatic shut off function which automatically switched off the Machine when its water tanks get full

AQUA D PURE Bio Alkaline with Advance Copper RO Water Purifier

Taxes Included
  • 12-stage filtration, 12-liter storage, High quality grey & Black color filters. With Copper Filter Series. Be Sure to Drink Pure. Branded UV LED and Mineral for best-in-class purity. Elegant black look, Storage 12 Liters. The purifier has a multi-stage purification due to its RO+UV+UF+TDS controller and filters. The pre-filter and sediment filters contain microns that sieve out impurities and sediments

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