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  • Push fit fittings for easy installation and avoid leakage issues. 100 % Original Filter set with ABS Food Grade Material
  • Assurance of Quality Products which are compatible with all RO Water Purifiers.
  • Color Map: Blue; Warranty Description: Please Insure Proper Installation For Long Product Life; Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis
  • Source of Water :- Borewell, Tanker/ Mix
  • Easy to install with all available accessories i.e. tape, filter to pipe connector etc.

AQUA D PURE Complete RO Service Kit with Copper Alkaline Filter Cartridge

Taxes Included
  • Sediment Filter: Sediment Filter removes fine and coarse particulate impurities from water. Pre Activated Carbon Filter: It absorbs chlorine and organic impurities such as harmful pesticides from water. It also adsorbs bad taste, color, and odor-causing organic compounds from water. Aquadpure 80 GPD Membrane: High Quality 80 GPD Genuine✔ Aquadpure RO membrane, It reduces up to 90 % of TDS of water. Mineral Cartridge: The Mineraliser improves the essential minerals, which enhance the taste and quality of water. It adds the required minerals to purified water and balances the pH of purified water. UF Filter: UF Membrane Filter Authentic✔ Hollow Fiber, improve RO membrane life.

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