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UF water purifiers are considered less aggressive filtration systems mainly because they effectively preserve minerals. While Ultrafiltration allows minerals such as calcium and magnesium to pass through its membrane while blocking contaminants and minerals, reverse osmosis prevents (even the beneficial) minerals from passing through. Water filtered through RO purifiers can thus taste less palatable due to its demineralised state, while UF-filtered water preserves the taste and has potential health benefits.

AQUA D PURE UV UF Water Purifier |12L Tank, 7 Stage Filtration, Pre & Post Carbo

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    • UF water purifiers consume less energy compared to reverse osmosis .
    • This can be particularly useful in applications requiring a high water flow.
    • UF water purifying systems can effectively treat water from different sources, including from taps, borewells and surface water, making the filter highly dependent and straightforward.
    • Ultrafiltration also removes impurities that result in giving water poor taste and make it translucent.
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